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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Three

Show Three- Iron City Birmingham, Alabama- January 14th, 2019 Good morning, Mississippi? The bus is still moving but I'm up now and I know any second Bailey is going to [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Two

Show Two- Scoot Inn Austin, Texas- January 12th, 2019 Good morning Austin, Texas. I slept great my first night on the bus. Now I'm awake and I just feel lost. [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show One

Show One- House of Blues Dallas, Texas- January 11th, 2019 Bailey and I are all packed up and headed to Dallas, Tx! But before we meet up with the Resolution [...]

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My Tour Diary- Day Four

Day Four- Harrah's the Pool After Dark  Atlantic City, New Jersey- December 1st, 2018 Good Morning, State College! We finally get to sleep in a little bit. Once we’re up [...]

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My Tour Diary- Day Three

Day Three- Penn State State College, Pennsylvania - November 30th, 2018 Good Morning, Green Bay, again! It's 4am and I am beyond tired. Jess and I meet Dory in the lobby, [...]

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My Tour Diary- Day Two

Day Two- University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin - November 29th, 2018 Good morning, Green Bay! This morning started off slow. I woke up around 10 and did some last minute touches to [...]

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