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It’s October 21st and I sill don’t have a Halloween costume idea. I was thinking about how many other people might be in my same situation, whether it’s because they’re to busy to think about a costume, don’t want to spend money, or they’re like me and just can’t decide! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and forth from, Sandy from Grease to Baby from Dirty Dancing and then to a banana split ice cream scoop. Yeah… I’m all over the place. So, if last minute I have no costume, I decided I would do some cool skeleton makeup, wear all black, and call it a night. So I called my friend & makeup artist Lea McCartney, (@leamccartneymua on instagram), to help me create a glam skeleton and an easy step by step Youtube tutorial for you to follow. I hope this comes in handy if you find yourself scrambling for a costume last minute. If you have any suggestions for Halloween costume ideas for me and my boo please leave them in the comments below. Happy Halloweening!!

We started with a purple smokey eye and some natural makeup. Lea added a little gloss for this photo alone. We wiped it off before we started the tutorial.

Click here to learn how to create the skeleton nose, mouth, and contour.


the Rebel Blonde

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  1. Jackie October 21, 2018 at 8:43 pm - Reply

    This looks like fun to do and simple 😃 I’m going to try it out for this yeat 😘

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