My Tour Bus Diary- Show Twelve

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Show Twelve- 20 Monroe Live

Grand Rapids, Michigan- January 26, 2019

Good Morning, Grand Rapids. I take Bailey on a walk, but again the ground is cold on her paws so another quick one. Then we head into the venue, 20 Monroe Live. Jess has been making us coffee everyday, but not today. Lantern Coffee has come to the venue to make coffee for everyone. It was such a treat having them there especially for Jesse, who thinks he’s a barista now.

After being caffeinated we head out to look at the merch table to check out the display. While we’re doing this, Bailey has snuck off into the head of security’s office to leave him a present. Her first accident on tour and it’s in the head of security’s office. Bad dog! So once that dilemma is solved, I snag a Beautiful Soul hat and watch some of Jesses soundcheck. Bailey can’t resist a chance to be on stage. Wonder where she gets that from?

Back in the green room I get my new hat on and take some selfies, duh. New hat, who dis?

The venue set up a beer keg for us all with a local beer, Bell’s Two Hearted. The tap was personalized for Jesse and at the end of the night we were able to take it as a souvenir. (I still have to mount it in our “man cave” room at home). The beer was delicious and strong. We only had one, just to try it before the show.

Backstage we all worked on different stuff with the little time we had until showtime, me on my blog, Sherry on merch, Jess on his eyebrows probably. Family time backstage is one of my favorite parts. There’s definitely an energy backstage that is different from anything else I’ve ever experienced. Mostly delirious from the weird hours and excitement for the show to come. It’s a good time for us to eat and be goofy and for me to torture Jess with taking pictures.

It’s time for stage, so Jess, Sherry, Dae, Jacob and I all do our nightly pre show toast, tonight with whiskey. (I always take half, because I’m not a good shot taker.) Big kiss for my man and he’s off to stage.

I watch from the audience for a while, but Bailey is apparantly losing it backstage, so I head back to watch the end of the show from the green room. Luckily for me, the venue has a tv set up streaming the concert live, so I’m not missing anything.. and neither is Bailey.

After the show and meet and greets, we definitely went back to the beer keg for one more beer and for the tap handle itself.

We pack up backstage and head to the bus. It’s the end of a three show stretch and tomorrow is a day off so we are definitely having that extra beer tonight. Three in a row is exhausting, but more than that it was amazing. So we are celebrating. Once everything is packed up we run out of the venue for Bailey to have one last walk, but also because it’s snowing.

The crew is all packed up and everyone is ready to leave so it’s back on the bus and time to sleep. It’s been a really fun day that I’ll never forget. The bus is ready to roll out, and it’s on to the next city. See you soon, St. Louis.


the Rebel Blonde


  1. allie April 27, 2019 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    love reading this! was so sad to miss the Resolution Tour but thankfully saw Better With Us. can’t wait for the new music and the next time he has a show near me 🙂 you two and Bailey are the sweetest!

    • Katie April 30, 2019 at 8:49 pm - Reply

      Thanks for reading, Allie! xx -Katie

  2. Britta May 15, 2019 at 3:14 am - Reply

    LOVE those jeans!

    • Katie May 30, 2019 at 6:22 am - Reply

      Thanks! They’re Rag & Bone. xx -Katie

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