My Tour Bus Diary- Show Ten

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Show Ten- Rams Head Live!

Baltimore, Maryland- January, 24, 2019

After a good night sleep on the bus, we wake up and head in to our hotel in Baltimore. We are staying at the Pier 5 Hotel tonight, because we have a day off (January 23, 2019). Jess and I check into our hotel room which looks like a club locker room on a ship. Our room is named the Tradewinds Suite.

I am in desperate need for a mani/pedi now and luckily so is Sherry, so the two of us drop our stuff and head out for some pampering. Once back at the hotel Jess and I decided to have a date night. We’ve been surrounded by people nonstop and as much fun as that is, alone time is also important for some sanity. We decide to throw on some comfy clothes and take Bailey on a walk.

We walk along the water and realize it’s getting very cold and Jess only packed shorts for the hotel. Luckily we are near a T.J. Maxx, so we head in and buy a cheap pair of sweat pants (which he ended up wearing a lot the rest of the tour). Jess puts on the sweats in the store dressing room and we head back to the hotel to drop off Bailey. It’s such a beautiful night, so we decide to walk to dinner just the two of us.

Our hotel is right next to a Fogo de Chao and because I’ve never been to one, Jess is excited for us to eat there. It felt like being in a food tournament. The whole meal was fun and we were stuffed by the end. Jess told me that filling up on the buffet is a rookie move, but they make the buffet so appetizing. I think we did a pretty good job on getting our moneys worth!

After dinner we decided to walk around a little more to walk off some of that dinner but somehow ended up walking straight into an ice cream shop. So, of course, we ordered some ice cream, sat down, and enjoyed that. Now we have decided we can not walk because we are now too full. We find a lime scooter and hop on together and ride back to the hotel. (I know you’re not suppose to share, but we were being rebels haha). We make it back to our room and now we have a little Christmas exchange set up with Sherry. Yes, this is the first time all tour that Jess and I could sit down and exchange presents with Sherry. That’s how crazy and fast everything moves on the road. Christmas is officially over and it’s good night Baltimore, til tomorrow.

I wake up singing “Good Morning, Baltimore,” like I’m in “Hairspray.” Not really, but also I might have. It’s show day. After last nights dinner extravaganza it’s time for a workout class. I put on some workout clothes, pack up my belongings and my dog and say goodbye to the Tradewinds Suite.

I head straight to the venue, Rams Head Live!, to drop everything off at the tour bus. Then, I hop in an Uber and head to the Maryland Athletic Club or MAC, which I renamed JMAC. While in my workout class I get a text from my childhood friend that she is expecting a baby. Needless to say I was beyond excited and called her immediately after the class to get all the details. Later on I would correctly predict the gender.. it’s truly a gift. I head back to the venue and have some dinner. It’s finally showtime and Jesse heads out to do his thang and right on cue Bailey tries to run out as well.

Jesses cousin Jen and her friends came for the show, so after Jess does his meet and greets, everyone heads backstage. We hang out with them until bus call about 1am, which turns out to be super fun because Jen is full of childhood Jesse stories. She use to babysit him when he was younger so you can only imagine!

We say goodbye to Jen and her friends and it’s off to bed. The bus rolls out and it’s on to the next city. See you soon Columbus.


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  1. Britta May 15, 2019 at 3:18 am - Reply

    Ha! He should have just included Bailey in the shows at that point. She CLEARLY wants to be out there. Embyr, my mini aussie, is a HAM. I imagine she would be the EXACT same way.

    • Katie May 30, 2019 at 6:20 am - Reply

      Ha Ha. He probably should have. Thanks for reading! xx- Katie

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