My Tour Bus Diary- Show Eight

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Show Eight- Playstation Theater

New York, New York- January 20th, 2019

Good morning, New Jersey? That’s right we are in Saucausus, NJ. The streets in NYC are so congested and the parking is so difficult that the tour buses can not park at the venue. So, Jess, Tim, and I call a car and head to the city, about 20 minutes away. We get to our hotel and unpack, because it’s a day off (January 19th). Not only is Tim with us, but Jesses dad, Scot is coming in town with his wife Rhonda and her daughter Autumn. For Christmas, we booked Scot, Rhonda and Autumn a room at the Langham Hotel in the city for the night. It’s about a 5 minute walk from where we are staying and pretty swanky!

Once we’re settled in, Jess decides to stay in, while Tim and I go for a walk. We head out and first things first, coffee! We walked to this cute little coffee shop to grab a latte. Once we were caffeinated, we walked through Grand Central Station and then went on the hunt for a slice of pizza. Now, it’s New York, you think this would be the easiest thing ever, but we could not find pizza. I know you don’t believe me but it’s the truth. Everywhere was closed, EVERYWHERE! Good thing we are suppose to meet up with Jess, Scot, Rhonda and Autumn for lunch soon, because we are so hungry now. I may have popped into Top Shop to grab a casual faux fur lined denim jacket for daytime wandering. It was on sale, and guess what I learned!? Top Shop gives discount to college students. So, because I was with Tim, they gave me an extra 10% off! Good to know for all you college ladies out there! Tim and I head back to our hotel to grab Jess and then to The Langham to grab Scot, Rhonda and Autumn, and the 6 of us head to lunch. We walk to this cute restaurant near Bryant park called L’adresse. I’m happy Tim and I waited to eat, because this place was so delicious!

After a latte and some delicious brunch food, we’re off to explore. We attempted to go the Museum of Illusions per Autumns request, but the line was too long. Then something amazing happened, I knew where I was. I recognized the streets and location and I knew we were near a coffee shop that Jess and I loved last time we were in New York. I couldn’t remember the name of it, just where it was. Now I know, that it’s called Kobrich Coffee co. You have no idea how cool I felt casually being like “oh, theres a cool coffee shop not too far from here.” So we went there. I did not order coffee because if you’re keeping track I’ve already had two. The playoffs are on, and Jess and I want to be able to watch some of the game, so after this group selfie, we head back to our hotel to watch some football.

Previous to getting to New York, Jess and I had been trying to find a cool place to go to dinner with the family, while in NYC. So we reached out to our friend, chef Michael Voltaggio and asked if he had any recommendations. Not only did he have awesome recommendations, but he told Jess to keep his phone on him because someone would be calling him shortly. That someone was Bobby Flay… BOBBY FLAY! He hooked us up with dinner reservations at his restaurant, Gato.

Bold eyeliner and sleek hair for dinner in New York.

The ambiance was very industrial chic and the food was next level good. We ordered some starters to share and entrees, but the kitchen kept sending out food on the house for us to try. It ended up being such an amazing night, but then again family and food always makes for a good time! Back to the hotel and it’s off to bed, because tomorrow is show day!

Good morning, NYC. It is so cold and so windy. I take a walk back to the coffee shop I visited yesterday morning for my latte. It’s the perfect distance for a morning walk with Bailey without absolutely freezing. Also carrying Bailey into the coffee shop with my big pink faux fur on made me look so extra. The girl said my look was very legally blonde. She was not wrong. I walk back to the hotel to pack up and by pack up I mean procrastinate a little bit. Jess has already gone to the venue and I’m leaving here soon, I promise.

As you can see I’m in a huge hurry to leave. It’s hard to say bye to the hotel beds when you’ve been sleeping on a bus! So Baliey and I are all packed up finally and we meet Tim in the lobby to head over to the venue, the PlayStation Theater. We get to the venue and they are not happy about the dog. First time on tour that we’ve encountered an issue with Bailey. Fortunately, Kacey the production manager gets it all settled and we’re good to go backstage. We order in to the venue for lunch (& then again later for dinner), because honestly it is too cold to leave.

Hunter, the videographer from the Nashville show is back to shoot more tour content tonight for the NYC behind the scenes video. He will be riding the bus to Boston with us, which is also fun for Tim because they’re both college aged. Since Hunter is here, Tim, Autumn, and I bravely head out into Times Square to take some tourist photos… for the gram, obviously.

I watch some of Jesses VIP Q&A with Scot, Rhonda and Autumn. Tim has some friends coming to the show tonight as well so we hang with them backstage for a little bit and then it’s time for stage. New York is always a fun show because it’s Jesses home state so the fans always show out! After the show we hang backstage for a few and then head to the bus in the freezing cold. Jess is being sentimental about New York and decides to ride up front with the bus driver while we drive out of the city. I hang in the front lounge of the bus with Timmy, Dae Dae, and Sherry for a while until I’m too exhausted, and Bailey and I head back to our bedroom. NYC was as fun and special as always. I have a big soft spot for New York, even in January. Good night New York; Boston you’re next!


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