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Nothing says Spring to me more than flowers, and with all the rain we’ve received in California, they are everywhere. Places I drive by that are normally brown are bright green with little purple & yellow flowers. I keep catching myself staring out my kitchen window, gazing at the beautiful green hills and flowers along the street. All the beautiful blooms have inspired me to make this my latest diy project- FLOWER CROWNS! With Easter around the corner and Coachella even sooner I thought this would be the perfect April diy project. Click here for the youtube tutorial or keep reading for the step by step how to.

Photo by: Victoria Gold

What you will need:



Twine Wire

Floral Tape



Make it:

Wrap the twine wire around your head to get an accurate measurement for the circumference of your head. Then, I like to cut it about an inch or 2 short of that. I’m going to use the ribbon to connect the 2 sides in the back together with a pretty bow.

Now you want to cut 2 equal pieces of ribbon. Each piece is going to be tied to one end of your twine wire. Make sure you leave long enough pieces that you can tie them together to create a bow. I attach them to the end of the twine wire with a simple double knot. Don’t worry about the excess ribbon from the knot we will cover it by wrapping it down with floral tape later. The second image is to show you what it will look like at then end.

Start adding your greenery. I chose eucalyptus because it has a very whimsical soft feel to it. I attach a branch starting at one end of my twine wire until it reaches the center. Use the floral tape to secure it to the twine wire. Now is a good time to tape down your excess ribbon as well. Make sure you wrap the tape tight so it holds. Repeat this on the other end of the twine wire to match. I like to make sure everything is moving towards the front.

Flower time! I chose ranunculus. It’s one of my favorite flowers and perfect for a flower crown because of it’s very wild and free look. For this step you want to cut the flower head free from the the stem. Make sure to leave about 2 inches of stem so you can secure the flower to the twine wire with the floral tape. Again wrap the tape tightly so it holds.

Keep adding flowers until you reach your desired fullness. I hope you enjoyed this fun and pretty DIY project. Comment below and don’t forget to tag me in anything #theRebelBlonde that you create. Here’s the link to my youtube tutorial in case you missed it. If you want this fun & flirty dress to complete the look, shop it here. Peace and Love, y’all!

Photo by: Victoria Gold


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