My Tour Bus Diary- Show Two

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Show Two- Scoot Inn

Austin, Texas- January 12th, 2019

Good morning Austin, Texas. I slept great my first night on the bus. Now I’m awake and I just feel lost. I don’t know how to open the bay under the bus to get my suitcase. (The bay is where everyones luggage is stored.) I don’t know where anything on the bus is, all I know is I need to walk Bailey. So I put on my slippers, hop off the bus, walk Bailey quickly because it’s cold and hop back on the bus. Now I’m back to panicking on the bus because I still don’t know how to do anything. Jesse is asleep so I don’t want to wake him but also HELP ME! Finally I run into one of the crew members outside (in my pajamas) and they show me how to open the bay. We’re in! I grab my toiletry bag, my makeup bag and some clothes. I run back onto the bus to change into workout clothes and then I leave for the hotel in an Uber. On days where the venue doesn’t have a shower, like this one, we get day rooms at a near by hotel so everyone can shower. I hit the hotel gym for about 20 minutes of cardio before my cousin Chase starts calling me to come meet up with him and his friends. My cousin has flown to Austin to visit his girlfriend but also to come to the show tonight. So I’ve worked out (kind of), showered and I’m getting ready to meet up with Chase. I’m also waiting on Jesse to come to the hotel with Bailey, because I want to take her with me to Easy Tiger. Easy Tiger is a patio bar where Chase and his friends currently are. After about an hour or so on the patio, Bailey is getting antsy and actually so am I. I’m having fun with everyone, but I’m also still thinking about all my stuff being under the bus. So I take Bailey back to the bus which is parked at the Historic Scoot Inn.

This is when I take some personal time alone to ORGANIZE!!! I get my big suitcase from the bay and bring it on to the bus. I then begin to unpack it and put everything away nice and neat. When I’m done I put my big empty suitcase back under the bus. This makes me so happy. I won’t have to go into the bay ever again on this tour. I left Bailey in the pic for scale haha. She’s about 8 pounds, like I said, cozy. Also that’s Baileys little dog bed on the bench seat. However, she crawls into bed with us every night.

The band and crew are currently setting up and sound checking. (Interesting fact about the Austin show, because of the stage size, it couldn’t accommodate the light panels.) The venue is outdoors with a dusty dirt floor. I was wearing white sneakers and Jesse told me 10 times to change my shoes so I don’t ruin them in the dirt. I appreciate him looking out for me and my kicks, but I didn’t change them. They really made the outfit, I chose to make the sacrifice. You get it. By the way, I keep getting so many compliments on them so I’m linking them- Fitness Floral Embroidered Sneakers by Fila.

So while the band and crew are busy doing that. I go back out to meet up with Chase and our other friend Mango who lives in Austin. We all meet at Whislers which I absolutely loved. They have such great cocktails and a really cool Mezcal room upstairs. Of course we had to check that out and sample some different mezcals. Now it’s about time to head back to the venue but before we do Mango wants us to try an “ar-modelo” at a little dive bar called La Perla that’s on the way to the venue. An ar-modelo is an unopened modelo beer can with lime juice, salt, and hot sauce on the rim. When you crack the beer open the lime juice, salt, and hot sauce enter the beer. The entire bar was a bit of an adventure and I’m pretty sure no one wanted us there. Mango went to pay for all the ar-modelos and the guy next to him said “don’t worry about it just don’t spill on me.” Basically telling us I’m paying for you to move and leave. Side note- I’m pretty sure there was blood splatter on the wall in the bathroom. We walked out front and enjoyed our ar-modelos under the tent in front of the bar. Totally worth the 15 minute stop for the story. I was really sad Jesse couldn’t experience this with us, because he would’ve loved it. Also, the night moved so fast and was so much fun I wasn’t really on my phone and so this is the only photo I actually took that night.

I laughed so hard when I realized that. When I messaged Chase and Mango neither of them had photos either. I was a little bummed but also that’s the sign of a good night in my opinion. Everyone was in the moment! Anyways, we’re back at the venue now. Some of us head to the bus to see Jesse and wish him luck before he has to leave to get dressed for the show. We then head out into the crowd, near a heat lamp, to watch the show. I’m still wearing the white shoes FYI. There’s about 15 of us and we’re all having a blast singing and dancing. Once again I’m so proud of Jesse and his band and crew. Another amazing concert.

Photo by Gordy Destjeor

After the show I wait for Jesse to finish his meet and greets and we head back out to meet up with everyone for one last drink before we hit the road. We went to The Volstead Lounge until it closed. It’s late so Jess and I head back and hang out in the front of the bus for a minute, mainly eating haha. Guess who has pajamas in their closet to put on.. me! The bus finally drives off and Bailey and I get cozy in bed. What a long, fun, exciting day. It’s off to Birmingham, Al.


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  1. Britta January 25, 2019 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    I am glad I am not the only one who gets antsy traveling with an unpacked bag. The only difference is I go from one extreme to the next. I either have to organize everything, or everything goes in a giant pile….which I hate. In that small of a living space for 5 weeks, I would have had to unpack neatly too. Jess probably would have been awoken to help me open the bay! Haha You are too sweet. Bummed my son (Brayden- after Jesse 😉 ) and I can’t make it to the show in STL next week. Jesse reading my shirt in IL and mentioning him has him all excited that “a super famous awesome rockstar” knows him.😂

    • Katie January 27, 2019 at 1:26 am - Reply

      Aww.. that’s so cute. Love the name Brayden!

  2. Kat January 25, 2019 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    Hi Katie! I love how organized you are! I drive my husband crazy at times with how OCD I am with everything, but it’s the ONLY way to live! A place for everything and everything in its place. Haha.. Anyway, I enjoy reading about your tour adventures.. I was always curious to know what you guys did in between shows.. And if there was a shower in the tour bus? Hahaha.. no seriously! I was like.. how do they clean themselves?! Lol.. Looks like you’re having a great time, and I look forward to hearing more about It.. safe travels!

    • Katie January 27, 2019 at 1:23 am - Reply

      the ONLY way to live!!!!

  3. Maria January 25, 2019 at 9:53 pm - Reply

    Love reading about your tour life experience! I feel like I’m there as I read this because you described everything so vividly!

    • Katie January 27, 2019 at 1:23 am - Reply

      YAY!! Thanks.

  4. Goa Joua Lor January 25, 2019 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    That “Ar-Modelo” sounds scary. I mean I could probably do the lime and salt on the rim but I don’t know about the hot sauce. But so cool to hear about what you guys do when Jesse’s touring. I honestly thought it was just sleep, work out, rehearse, and perform. It’s so nice that you guys get to see and hang out with friends while you guys are out on the road. And that bus bed seems really cozy! Can’t wait to see more pictures and read more of these tour diaries. Seriously they are amazing !

    • Katie January 27, 2019 at 1:22 am - Reply

      Thank you!!

  5. Kayleigh January 28, 2019 at 5:20 am - Reply

    Both kf you gotta slow down on the Botox. Scary looking

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