My Tour Bus Diary- Show Thirteen

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Show Thirteen- The Pageant

St. Louis, Missouri- January 28, 2019

Good Morning, St. Louis. We pack up, hop off the bus and head straight for the hotel. It’s definitely going to be a lazy day off for everyone (January 27th). The weather is cold and overcast and I’m just really excited for a hotel bed! I take Bailey on a walk around our hotel, while Jesse gets our overnight bags up to our room. I get to our room throw on pjs and hop in bed. Jess is already in bed watching the Discovery Channel, which is adorable that he thinks we will be watching that. We are about to embark on a serious movie marathon. Jess and I watched three movies in a row… THREE, “Can You Ever Forgie Me?,” “Mid90s,” and “The Sister’s Brothers“.

Before we watched the last movie, we ordered pizza and wings. The app told us the delivery guy was close so we went down to the lobby to meet him, and also to walk Bailey. The driver kept getting lost, so we waited in the lobby for way too long, still in our pjs by the way. Finally, the driver arrives, we get the pizza, get back upstairs and it’s ice cold (the place refunded us for all the trouble with the driver). So, we ordered pizza from a different restaurant, which was delicious. When I went down to get the new pizza, I noticed that in our hotel lobby was a movie theater. I went to the concession stand which was closing, and grabbed us a few candy boxes. Now that I’ve got all the goods, I head back up to the room for movie number three. I’m full and not leaving the room again, so it’s time for some maintenance, aka mask time! This is the Lancer Younger Revealing Mask Intense my mom gave me for Christmas and I haven’t used it yet so I’m excited and of course Jess wants in too. Movies, pizza, and a face mask. It’s a great lazy day off. Good night, St. Louis.

Good morning, St. Louis! It’s still overcast and cold but luckily for me the new sweatshirts have finally come in for the merch table so I snag one to keep warm. Jesses legs have been bothering him so the tour manager has a chiropractor come backstage today to adjust him. While he’s there I have him adjust my neck too. It’s been bothering me since before Charlotte. I instantly feel some relief after my quick adjustment. The chiropractor also showed me a few exercise to try to loosen up my neck on my own. I thought I might never look left again. He taped Jess up so he could have some extra support for the show tonight.

This image reminded me of a Sebastian Maniscalco joke. Every once in a while I make myself laugh.

Backstage, I get dressed in my new Jmac Resolution Tour sweatshirt. New sweatshirt, who dis? Photobomber, who dat?

The tourist in me is ready to go see the Gateway Arch now, but apparently no one else’s tourist in them wanted to go, so I went solo. As much as I love experiencing things with other people, I also love exploring alone. If my only choices are to go alone or not at all, the choice is obvious for me. I found a nice couple to annoy for this tourist photo.

Back to the venue and just in time for dinner before… it’s showtime!

Tim’s childhood friend, Teddy, is in college in St. Louis and has brought some friends to the show. So, I head out to the audience to find them. We all watched together from FOH and during “Shake” it finally happened. The mic went down and did not come back up. Jess is a pro and did some cool leg kick that saved it from actually hitting the ground. It was so slick that I don’t think anyone outside of the crew even noticed. Jesse is such a professional and one of the best overall entertainers to watch. He’s sexy, he’s goofy, he’s smart, he’s charming, all the things the make a really fun show. This is one of my favorite story posts from the tour.

Teddy and his friends jumped in the meet and greet line for a quick picture with Jess before they had to leave. It is a school night after all.

We head backstage to pack up and get on the bus. St. Louis was just what we needed. The bus rolls out and we are off to Chicago aka the Polar Vortex!


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  1. Joleen May 21, 2019 at 1:28 am - Reply

    Awe you must have stayed at the Chase!
    Can’t wait for next time y’all make the trip back to STL ❤️

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