My Tour Bus Diary- Show Nine

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Show Nine- House of Blues

Boston, Massachusetts- January 21, 2019

Good Morning, Boston! After sleeping in on the bus we finally get out of bed to start the day. The bus drove straight from NYC to the House of Blues Boston, which is right next to Fenway Park. It’s wicked awesome as the Bostonians say. I take Bailey for a walk, and then it’s inside the HOB to get warm. Tim went to college in Boston for two years, so he has gone out to meet up with some of his old buddies. I get to the green room and it is pretty small. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I know when Tim comes back with his friends we will need more space and seating. So, I find another green room and completely rearrange the furniture for a better fit. Now that my compulsive need to organize and rearrange is settled, it’s time to get dressed. Since there is no hotel situation today we are showering and dressing at the venue.

In about 10 minutes I change out of this sweater and into a white t shirt and my denim jacket. Since we slept in, it’s already time for lunch. Whenever we have a show at a House of Blues venue, they cater lunch for us. So, I make Jess and I both a plate because he’s busy signing tour merch. Also, he made us coffee earlier, which is becoming a habit of his that I really like.

Seeing as everyone is busy and I am not entertaining anyone I take this time to write in peace. Well, as much peace as possible with an animal on my lap.

Today is definitely a hang backstage all day kind of day. One reason for this is, Hunter is here shooting video content. He’s following Jesse around backstage and getting some cool stuff for the Boston behind the scenes video.

Tim and his friends come back and time has just flown. We all hang for a few in the perfectly rearranged green room, until it’s time for stage. Tim and his friends head out into the crowd to watch the show. Meanwhile, the band, Sherry and I all do a quick cheers to “Beantown” for a good show. It’s showtime! I go out and watch the show with Tim for a little bit, but like all shows I move around to get good shots for Jesses instagram. Hunter is shooting video during the show as well, even getting some cool shots of the audience from stage.

After the show Tim heads out with his buddies and Jesse heads out for his VIP meet and greets. Backstage I’m packing up my stuff, makeup, toiletries, clothes, Baileys food bowls, etc. to put them back on the bus. Once Jesse is done with his VIPs we head out to meet Tim for an after show drink at Crudo. We stay as long as we can with our 2am bus call to get in some good Timmy time. It’s Tim’s last night on tour. It went by so fast, but we really did a lot together in three cities!

Tim is staying with a friend from college tonight in Boston and then flying back to LA in the morning. So, we say goodbye and head back to the bus.

I take Bailey for a quick walk and then attempt to wash my face in the bus sink, which is obnoxious. This is exactly why I’m all about face wipes these days. (Sherry bought these for us.) Finally, time to crawl into bed. Jess, Bailey and I get all snuggled up and say good night and goodbye to Boston.

See you soon Baltimore!


the Rebel Blonde

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