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Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Chicken pot pie is one of the most classic comfort foods, in my opinion. Normally, I reserve this recipe for the fall or winter, but my book club just read, [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Eleven

Show Eleven- Newport Music Hall Columbus, Ohio- January 25, 2019 Good morning, Columbus, Ohio! There's snow everywhere and it's beautiful. We're parked outside the venue, Newport Music Hall. Today is going to just fly [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Nine

Show Nine- House of Blues Boston, Massachusetts- January 21, 2019 Good Morning, Boston! After sleeping in on the bus we finally get out of bed to start the day. The [...]

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Flower Crown

Nothing says Spring to me more than flowers, and with all the rain we've received in California, they are everywhere. Places I drive by that are normally brown are bright [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Eight

Show Eight- Playstation Theater New York, New York- January 20th, 2019 Good morning, New Jersey? That's right we are in Saucausus, NJ. The streets in NYC are so congested and [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Seven

Show Seven- The Fillmore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- January 19, 2019 Good Morning, Philly! I am so excited for today, because Tim (Jesse's brother) has flown into Philly to meet us. Jess [...]

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My Tour Bus Diary- Show Six

Show Six- The Ritz Raleigh, North Carolina- January 18, 2019 Good morning, Raleigh! It's a short ride from Charlotte to Raleigh, but regardless we've slept in today. This is the [...]

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